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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Textplus APK App for Android 2017 | Download Textplus APK Free for PC/Windows

Hello geeks today i show you a new app which is very useful and helpful. by this app we can make free calls and texts. app name is Textplus app. interesting right so let's check out app details.
Download Textplus APK Free for PC/Windows

what is Textplus app

Textplus app is a free app by using this app we can make free video calls and text/sms messages. Textplus app is also a alternativies to skype. Textplus app apk is a free app available in google play store and Aptoide market.

what are the Textplus app features

Textplus app up to now we are discussing about What is Textplus app. next focus on Textplus app features.

  • Textplus app Free unlimited calling/texting
  • Textplus app allow users to use free voicemail/MMS/Group messaging
  • Textplus app provides all kinds of stickers, Gifs, Cutouts Games, chatvitives and voice messages
  • Textplus app works better for iphone/ipad/ipod
  • Textplus app Full picture informing (MMS): send, get and spare pictures 
  • Textplus app Customizable content tone, ringtone and vibration 
  • Customizable topics 
  • Quick Reply to effectively (and rapidly) react to companions 
  • Textplus app Unified inbox: send and get your writings straightforwardly by means of any gadget as your one-stop SMS messaging application! 
  • Textplus app Real SMS messaging and calling: content and call ANY telephone that acknowledges SMS messaging, and ANY telephone for calling. 
  • Textplus app Voicemail 
  • Textplus app Works over WiFi or information



How to Download Textplus App apk for Android

Textplus app apk for Android is free available in GooglePlay Store.
go to Google play store search for Textplus.
or else follow below link to Download Direct
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How to Download Textplus for PC/Windows.

Textplus app up to now we are discussing for android users, what about PC/Windows users.
Don't worry Textplus app is available for PC/Windows users too.
for PC/Windows users follow the below steps.

  1. first go to google search for Blue stack app player or Nox app player
  2. Download Bluestack app Player for PC/Windows
  3. go to search box and search Textplus app 
  4. install textplus app for PC/Windows.


Conclusion :

So, this is all about Textplus app. and other details like Textplus download for android/PC/Windows.
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thank you for reading this article if you have any doubts and queries please comment below in comment section.

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