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How to deactivate kik messenger app for Android/PC/Windows/Mac/ios/iphone || kik for laptop installing guide

hello geeks today i show you a new app called Kik Messenger app. as we all know that there are so many messengers are available like whatsapp, Line, Viber. and there function is send text and images to your loved once. so this app is also had same functions with unique features just look at the whole article
what is kik messenger app
what are the features of kik messenger app
How to install it for Android/ios/iphone
How to install it for PC/Windows/Mac
and also disscussing about How to Deactivate Kik Messenger app
kik for pc

What is kik Messenger app 

Kik messenger the name it self define it is a messenger app which allows users to send messages to others. kik messenger is also used for send pictures to others. kik messenger started in 2009 and within 15 days it is successfully downloaded million peoples. kik messenger is designed for smartphone users but using some steps we can use it for PC also this things will be discussed later

What are the Kik Messenger app for PC Features :

  1. kik messenger app is a free app unlike whatsapp it is never ask a single penny.
  2. kik messenger app has unlimited messages and voice notes features which allows users to send unlimited messages and voice notes.
  3. kik messenger app allows user to share their all actives via social networking sites in very secure manner.
  4. kik messenger app allows user to create their own user account with custom password.
  5. kik messenger emoticon store allows user to share unlimited emoticons for free.
  6. kik messenger app has a unique feature like if you send a message immediately sending report shows whether it is deliverec or not interesting right you can also check out textplus app for pc.
and coming to installing kik for ios/Android

How to Install Kik messenger for ios/Android

kik messenger app is purely designed for smartphones users whether it is android or ios platform.
kik messenger is user friendly for both platforms
if you want to install 
kik messenger app for android follow below link
and for ios user follow below link

and this is all about for kik for ios/Android what about kik for PC platforms don't worry it is availble for pc's too

How to Install Kik Messenger app for PC/Windows/Mac

kik messenger is not widely available for PC/Windows/Mac users but you can use this kik for pc by following small procedure just follow my simple steps you can use kik for pc's too

steps to install kik for pc

  • first download a android emulators like Nox player or Bluestack App players which allows android app for pc
  • most of the peoples using bluestack app player so install bluestack app player
  • after downloading bluestack app player install it on PC
  • after installing blue stack app player go to search box and type kik messenger
  • and install kik messenger for pc
so this is all about kik messenger details like what is ti and features and installing guide for all types of platforms.

Most of the users ask me that How deactivate Kik messenger app
so here is the full guide

How to Deactivate Kik messenger app

if you are a kik messenger app user simply open this link
now follow follow the below procedure

To deactivate kik messenger account
  1. Tap Settings
  2. Select Your Account
  3. Tap Log Out
  4. Enter the email address that's registered to your Kik account on our deactivation website.
  5. They will send you an email with a link to deactivate your account. 
if you have any queries and images for deactivate kik messenger click on link

Conclusion :

ok guys in this guide i show you a new app called kik mesenger and we are discussing about what is kik messenger app and it's features along with that installation procedures for different plat forms and also as per users request i givesn guide to How To deactivate  kik messenger app .
so this all about kik messenger if you have any doubts and queries please comment on comment section.
and if you like this article and you think it is helpful information please share this article with your friends and family because sharing is caring.

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