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Saturday, 5 November 2016

BIAL EX Facial Massager For teens and Woman Price in India and Availability || Features and specifications

BIAL EX Facial Massager For teens

Hi… Geeks Today I show you different and fantastic result of A new Japanese Massager for teens and woman to facial their skin easily and control their skin contours. It is a very cheap and best product to improve facial glow for woman and teens.
Let’s check out the Features and Price of BIAL EX Facial Massager

Coming to
Bial Ex Massager Description :

Face Up Rollers --à Best Massage Slimming Remover Chin neck
Soft tech roller à modify your face contour line.
Double type roller à Remove double chin, help to slimming down your face and neck
And also massage neck area to improve blood
Push by the strength of the fleshy cheeks over backward to avoid the slack, firm facial skin, so soft and flexible, allowing you to be more youthful spirit.
Note : Before using this facial massager one thing remember don’t use this gadget to in day more than 20 minutes. Overuse can strain your skin.
Tip : Before starting this massage warm up your face with oil massage for better results.
Features :
Beauty tool of creating the graceful face curve.
The massager enhance your jaw line.
Improve the blood circulation which is play a vital role in face glow.
And smoothen the neck muscles
For better results follow the above steps.
Coming to the product Information :
11.1 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches
Weight of the product
3.2 ounces
Customer review
Price in india
$ 4.90 (approx. 350 rs)

Product available at Amazon
Hope you all like this article and which information provided is purely confirm from original buyers website and give a review on them.
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